From casual blogs to large-scale ecommerce sites, we can deliver solid web applications with industry standard technologies and go well in line with current trends.


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A web application is a client-server architectured application that is served by a web server and is accessed through any standard web client like a web browser.

Unlike regular websites, which are typically built for the purpose of representation, web applications are developed or built to perform a specific set of tasks that can be carried out by end users through web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari etc. Web applications make use of the scripting, storage and session handling capabilities of both the clients and servers to offer custom actions optionally personalized to end users. Web sites that fall under the categories like Online shopping, E-Learning, Classifieds are all examples of Web applications.

Backed up with modern and popular frameworks like Laravel, VueJs and ReactJS, Webixels have a solid team to build anything from trivial online registration forms to performant large scale shopping sites. We are able to help you consolidate all your ideas of having a web application into a plan that can be technically realized and roll it out systematically with your timely feedbacks.

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