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Website designing

At Webixels, we begin the web designing process by placing the user of the website at the top. As a valuable client, you will always be asked by us to put yourself in your customer's shoes. That will always provide you with a vivid picture about what a user expect by visiting your website. In current scenario, web designing is evolving to UX designing. User eXperience, we IT people abbreviate it as UX in our dictionary.

Web application development

Unlike regular websites, which are typically built for the purpose of representation, web applications are developed or built to perform a specific set of tasks that can be carried out by end users through web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari etc. Web applications make use of the scripting, storage and session handling capabilities of both the clients and servers to offer custom actions optionally personalized to end users.

Mobile application development

Growth of mobile application usage is so drastic, more than 200 million mobile application downloads happened last year and its going to be more in the coming years. Research shows that, now a days, users prefer mobile apps rather than mobile friendly web pages. Most businesses are developing mobile apps which will complement the web based application to keep up the market demand.

Hosting & domain services

We can provide hosting and domain services with native servers in Australia. We provide high availability for the hosting services we provide and comparatively lower rates on purchases and renewals.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process of marketing products or services using the internet, mobile apps, and many other technical mediums by using digital technologies. Systems based on the internet can be used to accelerate and transmit product value from a producer to a consumer terminal, this system is known as a digital market channel.