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No matter what your industry is, how great your mission is, digital marketing is a mandatory strategy to achieve high revenue in business. Yes, almost all your competitors are aware of this. While your competitors are brewing effective methods to establish their footprints, you must not wait for the opportunities to knock your door.

This blogpost aims to unveil the top 10 digital marketing tips to increase your revenue. All the points listed below are handpicked by digital marketing experts from the best SEO company in Perth - Webixels.

1. 1. Know where your customers are active

What remains a big issue among budding entrepreneurs is the lack of marketing knowledge. They're completely unaware of the power of digital marketing in the digital age. Believe it or not, all your customers are spending a minimum of 3 hours online which ultimately indicates that 90% of your customers are digitally active.

There are a lot of prevailing features available on digital channels and search engines like social media, and SEO respectively to enhance your business visibility. When you understand where your consumers are active, you'll find ways to double your revenue.

2. Optimizing your site

Let's be honest here. You certainly would have heard this "importance of optimizing a website" but, have you ever spent a few bucks on this service? If you haven't ignored this mandatory step, you wouldn't have to wait for some magic to happen. No matter how great pieces of stuff you put on your website, there will be no readers aka consumers to browse your page unless you optimize your website.

But, it's never too late. We are one of the best SEO services in Perth. Contact us now to get a free detailed SEO report and recommendations in optimizing your site. Web content writing has got a lot of do’s and don'ts. It's no longer about the length but how relevant and keyword-rich your contents are.

3. Content-rich Website

Content marketing is highly significant in running a successful business, and unfortunately, your consumers validate your knowledge based on how in- depth your site is! (literally, how often you post content). Creating killer content is in demand, and people who have got seasoned writers in their business can sell anything to any number of people.

4. Online presence

No matter how traditional or contemporary your business idea is; you definitely gonna fall behind if you don't utilize social media. There are a ton of digital marketing tools available in the market, but picking the right ones is gonna be difficult.

It's not about the hashtags now, but how persuasive your two liners are.

Only digital marketers know this. From ranking your site on the top page to advertising your services and products, we provide all sorts of digital marketing services in Perth and to other countries as well. We help you set your footprint digitally and we're in the mission to spread your vision.

5. Do not ignore the power of Messaging apps

Oh yeah, Facebook ruled the world and is still ruling. Trust us, in a couple of years, messenger marketing is gonna shoot up. Not just messenger, Instagram, and other messaging apps have got a tendency to engage the consumers more than an organic post does.

Messaging apps are now allowing companies to reach their audience with personalized texts and images. This shall increase your brand awareness and indeed bring more leads to your site.

6. Interactive content

There is a lot more for a reader than just scrolling! A top-notch content will not only be well-structured but will incidentally influence a reader's mind as well. The real problem in digital marketing is a few content developers forget that users who read their content aren't machines. True, we all need SEO-rich content, but that doesn't mean the search engine promotes monotonous content.

People out there reading your content are in search of satisfaction. A moment of delight that ensures they have landed on the right website or to be precise, the best website for their solution. However, grabbing the reader's attention requires high-quality graphics as well. Both content and graphics must influence a reader to take action.

7. Utilize Chatbots

Do you know that users who visit your website for the first and nth time are looking for chatbots? No matter if your business offers customer care executives or not, everybody needs a chatbot to quickly and comfortably converse.

To increase your revenue, you must ultimately increase user experience and a well-crafted chatbot will help you achieve that. Besides, chatbots will help you grab visitors' data and interest. This will help in sending personalized notifications to them.

8. Brand Video & Homepage

Do you know what speaks a lot? A picture!
Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words; but, a video? A video is worth a million dollars, particularly in business. Certainly, your brand video on the homepage will give trustworthy recognition to your consumers. Perhaps, you can even make explanatory videos on why your product or service is worth buying. This will incidentally increase your revenue.

Video marketing is highly engaging in the eyes of a consumer. With a short clip, you must influence your consumer why he or she will regret it if they don't buy your product or service.

9. Email Marketing

If you haven't imposed the email marketing yet, maybe you're depreciating the power of it. Digital marketers strongly believe that a well-crafted persuasive email works much better than a social media post.

The distinctive feature of email marketing is, you can send personalized messages triggering your consumers to take immediate action. Webixels, being an Online marketing company in Perth, provides various templates that one can utilize right away to persuade the consumers.

10. Marketing analytics

Incorporate marketing analytics into your practice. It aids in measuring and analyzing your marketing strategy. Depending on the observed data, you can run cost-efficient methods to drive in leads and help in measuring the ROI of live campaigns.

Make your marketing efforts worthy. You know you need to do it, but if you don't measure it, then all the efforts you put in are merely futile attempts.