Syro Malabar Church Perth – A case study
Aug 19, 2020

Syromalbar Church Perth approached Webixels to design their website. Initially, it was just a website that really meant to display mass timings, catechism timings, ministry activities, contact information, etc. The initial version served the purpose. They desperately needed an update to their website within a short period of time. One year’s time made a huge difference to the site which is progressed to a proper content management system where the content can be managed by different users of the site with a proper backend admin panel. The complex functionalities of the St. Joseph’s Syro Malabar website Perth made our confidence in making a true content management system based website really high. Unlike other church websites in and around Australia, we are so proud to state that we managed to design a system where the regular day to day updates on the website can be achieved by a person who has got limited technical knowledge in website development. We can easily recreate this kind of system for any churches. We are so happy to get a chance to the Syromalbar community in Perth.

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