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As a business how much money you spend to set up an office?

As a business how much money you spend to advertise your business?

Budget wisely for a website which is as important as the above.

Mind of a Business Owner

A colleague of my wife who earns a hefty salary had a casual discussion with her about how he learned and designed a business site for the business owned by his wife. He spends enormous hours and effort to achieve the same. He is so proud and passionate to share his achievement with my wife. He knows that I support small businesses to design their websites. He only came to know about my job, only after he designed the website by himself. So I don’t blame him for not approaching me for the first hand. Still, he lives in that bubble of great achievement, where I didn’t get a chance to correct him.

Mind of a Customer

I had a chance to visit the website he designed. My views on that website is as follows

o   Design-wise the site looks 10 years old.

o   Menu is clumsy and not properly organized.

o   Photographs used on the website are not at all professional.

o   Contact information is not visible to make the customer to connect you

o   No social media pages displayed on the website

o   No testimonials included in the site

This website promotes an eye clinic of an ophthalmologist who does eye surgeries? She has extensive experience in her field. I am asking a question to you.

Would you visit her with an eye problem by only checking her current website?

The answer will be surely a ”NO”

So are they gaining or losing customers by building an unprofessional website?

What he tried to save moneywise will be his one day worth of income. I am sure he might surely spend more than 50 hours of his valuable time to design that website. This website will make an adverse effect and making the customers run away from their business.


As a business owner, you will only design your business website, when you are running a business with monopolistic nature where the customers cannot go anywhere else. Or the website is intended to show where you are located and no new customers required for the business.

Webixels support small businesses to design and develop professional websites all around Australia, mainly Perth, Bunbury, Albany, Margret River, Geraldton, Esperance, Kalgoorlie, Broome, Derby, Kununurra, etc. Please contact me on 0488 460 800 or mathew@webixels.com.au