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If you've been thinking about redesigning your website and wondering where to find that compelling objective to make your team understand the importance of redesigning, then you've come to the right place. We know, you probably would have landed on this page after tirelessly reading a lot of content out in the search engine. Well, worry no more. This article will cover all the basics one would need to successfully redesign a website.

So, how the flow of this content carried out? Firstly, we will unfold the crucial reasons why your website demands a restructuring action and secondly how one could set about tackling those issues and eventually listing out the important factors one should depend upon while restructuring a website.

Obvious reasons.

Well, there are a lot of reasons one would register while auditing your website besides the above-mentioned ones. The broken links will set your website score below par, and the outdated design of your website shall negatively affect your turnover. Your business's success hugely depends on how effectively your website is structured.

How we're going to help you in redesigning your site?

If you've been facing the above issues then, we're here to guide and unveil the approaching methods one should carry out before finding the right web designer.

"To any problems in life, one must figure out the right way to deal with it."

Strategy finding plays a crucial role in redesigning a website, for you cannot make the same mistake again. There are only a few web designers who consider a client's motive and suggest other major factors they should consider. In case, if you're worried that you might land on the perfidious solution provider, then the following steps will save you from squandering your money. Thus, this guide will help you sort out the actions one after the other based on the priority to redesign your website.

Four significant steps in redesigning a website:

Find and jot down your reasons

1. Begin with a checklist

A checklist will help you dodge the futile result. The secret behind a thriving website redesign is to detach things that are detrimentally influencing a website's growth. So, it's highly advisable to run a quick test and find out the site score that will reveal critical aspects like performance, SEO score, and other details about the website. Finding the score allows you to get an overall view of where the problem exists and why the website must be redesigned.

2. Find out the user needs

A web designer must always keep an eye on the customer's satisfaction and needs. Undoubtedly, user experience plays an indispensable role in the digital era. It's necessary to meet customers' expectations and therefore, observing at what point a user leaves a website and what factors help in conversion leads will have to be jotted down; find answers to questions like, "are the leads ready to stay on your site for a longer period?", "do the call to actions works among your users?."

3. How good is your relationship with your vendor

Analyzing this will help[ you figure out whether you should remain with your current web designer or should you move on and make a change. Examine whether your web designer gives you a regular analysis report for your site's growth. Check out if he/she's suggesting improvements according to the trend. Find out the tools used in your website and analyze whether it has to be replaced.

4.Define your purpose

After performing the above three measures, you'll precisely get an idea about why you need to redesign your website! And how success would look like upon implementing the restructure of your site. Share your reasons to your team members and explain why it demands immediate action.

Redesign process

1.Page flow

Based on the results obtained in the process of analyzing, you'll have to illustrate the page flow right from the home page to the contact us page. Check all the categories and subcategories and dissect the patterns using sitemaps. A sitemap will help us understand how a user will navigate to the pages of our site. It entails a collegial approach embracing strategists, designers, and content developers to figure out how many independent blocks and subsections are in need.

2.Restructuring the mood board

Oh yeah, you must be thinking of this since when redesigning thought popped in your mind. Well, indeed, the mood board plays a more substantial role in redesigning. Figuring out the right design elements like color, icons, typography, and images should be analyzed while hopping into the redesign zone. Though the visual design might excite you, you'll have to keep an eye on improvising and implementing modern elements available on the market.

3.Strategy finder

This process requires a lot of analysis on current trends to find the right template for your site. If you're considering redesigning your website, you'll have to carry out keyword research meticulously. Though the focus is on users, you should understand how SEO works and what impact will each page of your website does in drawing leads.


Though this comes in the decisive part, you must know the significance of content. When you fail to enhance the content of your site, then, my friend, all your efforts will be in vain. Content should always reflect rich keywords and must target your audience. Customer-centric taglines and slogans will help you fetch a huge audience. Your website content besides aiding in increasing your search engine ranking, it also draws users to visit your site regularly. If your website has rich content, and if you frequently post informative and educative articles and blog posts on your website (related to your niche), then nothing can stop you from achieving success.

Considering the budget

You cannot expect an amazing design just because a web designing company is offering its service at an affordable price. If you need to stick on with quality, you'll have to be ready to spend an extra few dollars. Indeed there are a lot of service providers ready to redesign your website at an affordable price but, you must know the value of your website. Experienced people will make you understand why it requires a lot of effort and how they're working towards your goal. You redesign your website only once in a blue moon.

It's reported that companies spend only 12-20% of their revenue on digital marketing and web analysis, which shows how heedless they're towards their objectives. Hence it's highly advised that you compare the service providers. Find out if your budget includes 24/7 support, find out if your budget includes a regular analysis report. As you analyze them, make sure the redesign strategy is covered or not. Find if they're professional and potential enough to handle your queries and site's issues.

Few website designers offer digital marketing packages as well for a couple of months. You'll have to do a comprehensive research before finding the right website designer. Find out if their portfolio includes models of their recently completed work. Make sure if they meet your deadlines as well.

Get the right team

Well, we all know that redesigning a website requires a lot of effort, and that shan't be done by oneself. You'll have to hunt for the right team. A team that includes flawless strategists, great designers, proficient writers, and a pleasing communicator is what makes a great team.

In short, you'll have to look for a skilled team to redesign your website. No matter what your business size is, you must give high priority to your website structure and user experience. Social media and digital marketing draw many leads to your website, and you must know that users leave your website if you're not offering a professional touch in your theme. We at Webixles, aim to produce high result-driven strategies to redesign your website. You can contact us, and we'll effectively help you redesign your website.